People go to Opera tonight, Royal Danish Opera :-).

I dreamed about visiting it previous time I've been in Kobenhavn, but there was noone to make me a company, people were more interested in doing some shopping or going out - why not? Sure I understand that. So I missed a chance.

There is a slight resemblance of that particular emotional state that I had when standing near the Frankfurter Alte Oper. Alte Oper is not Opera itself in its usual meaning: it is rather a Pfilarmonia. I had the tickets for a long-dreamt-about Orchestra play, Beethoven's simphony's. I was supposed to go there that night.
But I didn't.

Beautiful music, beautiful places...

There are things in this world that are worth seing or visiting at least once in a lifetime: some pictures - those masterpieces we all know only from magazines... Some music instruments museams. Some archives like the one in Rome. Old Theatres and Opera Houses just that. (With someone you love! Good Dream :-))

Создан 16 мар 2006

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