1. Left in the office till midnight during a couple of days (4 weeks job proved to be completely destroyed, had to bring it to life once again).
- nice to go home by taxy :)

2. Quarrell with a person whom I actually liked really much. A great pity, kindergarten I'd say. Corporative culture. Does it presuppose human relations and human attitude? I'm curious...

3. Finally found a Music School for Adults - pay 30 UAH and you'll get your dream come true on Gorkoho 19B :)

- still upset about vanishing of Synthesator Art of Play School somewhere near Arsenalna...

4. MEW - not bad!

5. Camilo - super! Many thanks to Anders.

6. Get ready for elections - no taxy available for Sunday morning even in advance - too many orders, 26th of March, nice chance to try the very first metro on Chernigivska - hopefully not that crowded as on my usual way to the office - guess I go out at appox 3.45 a.m (clocks - hours moved to the summer time - one hour of my "even without that" poor sleep is stolen)

Hopes arising - i go there not to care about parties to a full extend actually, to be honest; I just want to feel PEOPLE WHO CARE, PEOPLE WHO AT LEAST TRY TO DEFINE THE WAY THEIR LIVES SHOULD BE.

Создан 26 мар 2006

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